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Name:Little-Known Books
Location:Hannover, Germany
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Community description:Discuss and recommend little-known books which you think deserve more attention
Thousands of books are published each year and some receive a lot of recognition and hype. But what about the rest? What about the hundreds of overlooked gems which fall through the publicity machine each year and are only read by a handful of people?

This community is about these books. If you have read a book recently that hardly anyone has ever heard of and you loved it, tell us about it, please!

Some basic rules:

1. Don’t recommend a book that has been hyped to death We all have heard about Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen and Twilight. There’s no need to recommend those books again

2. Any genre is welcome here Fiction, non-fiction, YA, fantasy, lgbt – if you think it’s worth reading, we’d like to hear about it

3. Please warn for spoilers We love book recommendations but some of us don’t want to know about the plot before we read the book ourselves

4. Just follow basic etiquette guidelines: be respectful of others, don't use hate speech, put long posts and images behind a cut and don't post things that are entirely irrelevant to the community. (If there's doubt, ask!)

You can contact the mod, [personal profile] marny_h96, with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. This is a new community and I'm always open to ideas!
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